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Why every new home should be equipped for solar energy

Jun 3

In 2020, the state of California passed a law (known as Title 24) that requires each new house built in the state to be equipped with solar panels. Title 24 will be amended in 2022, to include new legislation that requires all homes to be electrically ready. This includes guidelines regarding the installation of battery storage systems. The first of its type in the U.S., these requirements have been met with a mixed response from both supporters and critics alike, prompting us to explain why we believe that every new home should be fitted with solar power regardless of the laws.

The future is in the Future

The fastest-growing renewable energy source in the United States is solar energy. Advosy Energy helps to deliver clean, renewable energy to millions of people every day. Similar to how indoor plumbing and central air were once at the forefront of modern home construction, they eventually became commonplace, and homeowners without these advancements as an element of the home's design were left to retrofit their homes to accommodate.


Seamless Integration

A majority of the tasks needed by builders for the solar-powered home can be completed during the new home construction process. Retrofitting homes to accommodate solar power is costly and requires innovative problem-solving. Phoenix solar company's added advantage is that you could include the costs of installing and equipping the solar photovoltaic system in the home loan.


Better by Design

Solar is often considered when a new home is being constructed. This requires homeowners or architects as well as builders to assess the home's energy requirements to ensure that they are maximizing their energy efficiency and minimizing unnecessary demand. This can lead to long-term savings for the homeowners and less strain on the power grid, and the environment.


What is its significance of it to you?

This change affects the members of PEC who have already made the switch to solar, or those that we're planning to. Certain solar benefits include savings on energy costs in addition to self-sufficiency and improved quality of the local air. This policy won't just affect the 6,000+ PEC solar customers but also all of the 350,000 members, who may consider making the switch to solar by using sparks from the solar installation.


Numerous studies have proven that individual solar customers increase savings to the homeowner and to utility companies, like PEC in lieu of reducing. Others might follow their example and homeowners may not be as inclined to go solar.


We are standing right where we are

Freedom Solar has got your back. Because our collective future is dependent on it, we'll be working hard to protect our customers. We want to also assure PEC members considering solar that solar sparks will speak with you to find out whether solar is a good financial choice for you, and that we will offer suggestions to help make solar a more environmentally sustainable investment.

Even though the rates you'll earn from solar are lower, however, you'll still get the benefit of generating clean electricity for your home's use. The benefits of solar can be measured in dollars and cents, and also in terms of the quality of air.

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